About Us

Saturation News started in 2016 as a company called Simple Culinary Media. In 2021 SC Media rebranded as Saturation Media and launched as saturationnews.com. The goal of Saturation news is to be a Media company devoted to producing news with no agenda. We do this by having people from all backgrounds submit work to our sites.

Our Staff / Board Members

Conner Tranquill

Founder And CEO


D'Manuel Bryant

Journalistic Integrity Boardmember


Blake Bush

Journalistic Integrity Boardmember


About Our Board

The Board, elected by the CEO, is the ultimate decision-making body of Saturation Media's Journalistic Polices, except with respect to matters reserved to the CEO. The primary function of the Board is oversight of company policies. The Board, in exercising its public judgment, acts as an advisor and counselor to CEO and defines and enforces standards of accountability, all with a view to enabling senior management to execute their responsibilities fully and in the best interests of the Company and its readers. Consistent with that function, the primary responsibilities of can be found by clicking the link HERE.